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Peninsula Branch (USA)

Updated: August 2023

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Welcome to the SHORINJI KEMPO Peninsula Branch (San Mateo, California)

Est. 2004

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An Invitation to SHORINJI KEMPO Come Join the Fun!

Ready to make a change? Ready to see the possibilities within your self?

SHORINJI KEMPO is a way to develop that self-confidence, a way to see that seed of possibilities within you, a way to change yourself! After each practice, you change a little. The small changes will add up to a large one very quickly. There will be a day when you realize just how much you have changed. This change, and sense of accomplishment will lead to improved self-confidence. Knowing that you can change, it will give you the courage to try even harder in the future.

Start with something you could do. Practice at the dojo. Try something new. Meet and make new friends. See if SHORINJI KEMPO is right for you.

New students are always welcome. Now accepting children and adults. Please see the section on joining for further details.

So what do the techniques of SHORINJI KEMPO look like? Here is a video clip.

pict of practice

About the Peninsula Branch

The Peninsula Branch (shibu) of SHORINJI KEMPO was officially approved by the World Shorinji Kempo Organization (WSKO) in December 2004. We are located in the city of San Mateo in California (approx. 20miles south of San Francisco), which is centrally located in the San Francisco "Peninsula". Please see the Location and Time page for our practice location and time.

The Peninsula Branch is led by Yoshi Karahashi, a 6th Dan (or Degree) black belt with over 35 years of experience in Shorinji Kempo. Prior to opening the Peninsula Branch, he was practicing at the San Francisco Branch, and was acting as the Dojo-cho (dojo manager or lead assistant instructor) under the guidance of Yuji Harada-sensei (then Branch Master of the San Francisco Branch, 7th Dan).

SHORINJI KEMPO is not taught on a for-profit basis. The branch master, and the staff, teach and operate the branch for the love of SHORINJI KEMPO and based on the belief in its ideals. The fees collected are used for covering the cost of the branch operation and related activities.

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