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Information about Joining the Practice at the Peninsula Branch


New students are welcome on an on-going basis. Beginners are welcome, and previous martial arts experience is not necessary. Those with a background in other styles are expected to practice only SHORINJI KEMPO techniques while engaged in practice at the Peninsula Branch.

Monday class is currently limited to ages 13 and above.

Wednesday and Saturday classes are open to all ages. However, for those under the age of 10, we ask that either an older sibling (above age 13) or a parent/guardian be in class, either to watch or join the class.

All members receive personalized instruction in a friendly and non-competitive environment.

New students should be in sufficient physical health to participate in moderate to vigorous physical activities. If you have any health issues or concerns, please consult your physician, as well as identify them to the Branch Master.

Although attendance to all classes is not required, students are encouraged to attend as much as possible and on a regular basis. Given Shorinji Kempo's complexity, commitment to regular practice is the only way to retain information and develop skills.

In addition, students must learn a small vocabulary of Japanese terms through the regular and routine class instructions. Students that train regularly find this manageable even if they do not have any Japanese language background.

Cost and Expectations for Practicing at the Peninsula Branch:

Once the student's registration with WSKO is complete, an ID card will be issued from the WSKO headquarter in Japan. This will give the student the previledge to practice with any WSKO practice location around the world. Registration with the WSKO headquarter is a requirement.


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